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Video Interview: Willow Talks Pickles

Check out co-founder Willow King as she gives us the inside scoop on pickles at Zuke! prada bags uk outlet prada cheap louis vuitton handbags toms outlet outlet prada hogan rebel prada sneakers prada outlet replica louis vuitton handbags jordan pas cher

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

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Daily Camera- Farmers Market Celebrates 25 years

This was a great piece about the BCFM and it’s history- we are so happy to be a part of it! For a link to the article or to see the video they did at our kitchen: http://bcove.me/ce3uw7z3 Boulder County Farmers’ Market celebrates 25 years as a growers-only marketplace This year’s season kicks of Saturday […]

Art meets Process

Andrew Plotsky’s film on pork butchery. Caution: Some images may be graphic for some viewers. “His favorite cut of a pig? The trotter, or the foot. “If you have a trotter on a plate, you should feel blessed and not say ‘Ew,’” he says. “They’re kind of everything a chicken wing dreams of being.” I […]

Occu Pie Dinner

If there were a food that should live and remain in my diet’s 1% it would be cheese.  I’d be happy to keep it that way.  Somehow, perhaps it’s my Asian genes but rich, creamy, funky cheese tends to set my digestive system on for a riot. It doesn’t stop me from loving it, relishing […]

A word about brussels sprouts and salt

Not only do brussels sprouts come on a stalk that inspires the imagination and look like teeny tiny cabbages but they also contain many of the good things that are found in other members of the Brassicaceae family. Yes, we have pickled them (Mara made a wonderful, very spicy brussels kim chi last winter) but tonight […]

Haute Brats

Today was just one of those days. Locked the keys in the car etc. etc.  There was work and school and soccer and by the time we got to dinner we wanted it FAST. So: Brats (if you are brave enough to make your own, here is a little tutorial) buns, our Ozuké dill,caraway and […]

The last rose of summer

Well, school started last week and there is always that feeling at the end of the summer… I call it the “squirrel gathering her nuts” mood. There is lots of canning, preserving and fermenting to be done at the end of the summer growing season. This moment, this gathering, this bridling of the abundance is […]