Ozuke got its’ start
pickling in Boulder, Colorado.


Years later, enter
Leroux Creek Foods


Hard working employees
pickling daily.


Acres of fresh veggies
growing in Western Colorado.


from the ground up

Originally founded by Mara King and Willow King in Boulder, CO in 2010, Ozuke founders got their start as probiotic pickleteers, truly understanding and beliving the benefits of and need for live, raw krauts and Kim chi.

9 years later, enter the organic family farming company from Hotchkiss, Colorado, Leroux Creek Food Corp. Looking for an introduction to the world of fermentation and a hope to rescue all the Colorado peaches going to waste every year, LCF needed an expert on the subject, and in 2019 were introduced to Ozuke by a mutual farming friend.

cooking with ouzke products

As the story goes, the rest was history

Mara King, the sought-after fermentation expert, and owner Edward Tuft of LCF immediately hit it off. Their brainstorming sessions started off with creative ways to salvage the excess of peaches floating around the state of Colorado, being denied at grocery store doors for their imperfections.

Their answer: Fermentation. Mara and Edward experimented their way through peach fermentation projects. Eventually determining fermenting peaches was not what they thought it would be, however they learned they had a mutual interest in high quality fermentation. With this, discussions started about adding Ozuke to the Leroux Creek portfolio as a premier fermented brand in the marketplace. A combination of passion for the products, capability to farm the ingredients at the home base, and extra space in the manufacturing facility made the partnership a no-brainer.

holding ouzke product


Over time, Edward’s passion for the probiotic food business grew, understanding its’ benefits for gut health and the excitement that lay in forever evolving product ideas. The concept was simple; Ozuke had the product, and LCF had the resources to make it grow. It was then that Edward decided to officially acquire Ozuke, adding it to the Leroux Creek Food family.

Two years later the company remains Colorado’s premier fermentation brand with premium krauts and Kim chis, just as they originally started. Leroux Creek’s father-daughter team now runs Ozuke with occasional consulting help of Mara and Willow. They are farming locally, sourcing premier ingredients, and rotating crops of cabbage and beets on 50 acres in Western Colorado.

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