The last rose of summer

Well, school started last week and there is always that feeling at the end of the summer… I call it the “squirrel gathering her nuts” mood. There is lots of canning, preserving and fermenting to be done at the end of the summer growing season. This moment, this gathering, this bridling of the abundance is really at the core of what we do at Esoteric Food Company. Our products aim to capture the goodness of the garden and keep it coming all year round.

This is a great piece I found on NPR about the tradition of kraut making after a bumper crop of cabbage. Whether it is from your own backyard, the farmer’s market or from a zuké that we are making for you, we hope you partake it eating some of this summer in a jar.

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  1. Mara
    Mara says:

    Lovely Willow.

    I remember once enjoying a glass of Rosé wine and a charming gentleman told me it was sunshine preserved in glass. How poetic but truly that’s what it was. I raise my glass and salute to the appreciation of terroir in a jar.

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