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Ozuké style Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Visiting Santa Fe recently I was introduced to these sandwiches and could not wait to get back and reverse engineer it so that I could make it with Ozuke kimchi. It is both hearty and satisfying and yet feels good on the belly because of the kimchi. For two people 4 slices of good sourdough […]

Kung Hei Fat Choi! – Radish Cakes with Kimchi

Every year lunar new year is a wonderful opportunity to gather friends, make lots of food and celebrate together.  In true Cantonese spirit we had a rowdy time.  Some glimpses of traditional practices that I remember from my childhood growing up in Hong Kong –  Late night flower markets with strings of naked tungsten lights […]

Where to get the best Ramen and the not so secret Ozuké ingredient

As you know, ramen is all the rage. It has been for a while now. Ask anyone where to get the best ramen and they will likely have a very passionate response. In fact, finding the best ramen has almost become an urban sport, the winner gaining social status, emphatic pride, and maybe even a […]

Ozuké makes Edible Aspens top 20 list

Ozuké made Edible Aspens top 20 picks for made in colorado foodstuffs.  Lauded for our flavor and health benefits we are proud to have been picked by Edible Aspen for their top 20 list.

Denver Tidbits: Ozuké umeboshi to liven up the season

‘Tis The Season To Get Toasted With plans to schmooze and booze your way through the holidays, your hostess skills will be put to the test to come up with creative twists to prolong the party and keep guests from getting so tipsy they break your tinsel. We checked in with Mara King, co-owner of Boulder-based Ozuké, on […]

The Kimchi Crowd

There it sits in your fridge staring straight back at you. And it’s alive! Your head is spinning…how am I supposed to eat Ozuké’s Kale and Collards kimchi? Is this too gourmet for someone like me? Too health-nutty? Will people scoff at me if I ask them what to do, because I should already know? […]

Fermentation Guest Blog by Andrea Rossi

Bright, accomplished nutrition therapists, chefs, and home-cooks fill the room. We are devout foodies in the most literal sense. We make our own almond milk, kefir, yogurts and champion DIY cooking to our clients and anyone else that will listen to our recipes and rambles. Diana Walley of Every Bite Counts Nutrition, and the host […]

Edible Front Range

Local entrepreneurs see fermented veggies as superfoods By Eileen Dolbeare Photo By Rebecca Stumpf Winter 2013 Issue Number 20 READ ARTICLE