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Happy Chicken = Happy You

Late summer is the time of year when gardens give abundantly here in Colorado. This morning I made a colorful open faced sandwich sourced from my neighborhood (mostly). My breakfast began with a fresh egg from my neighbors’ chickens. Kristin & John have a beautiful backyard hen house with happy chickens. These girls have the […]

Ozuke and Boulder Shout Out in The Guardian UK

  Series: Road trips USA: West Previous | Next | Index Boulder: a Rockies’ road to extreme sports, yoga and smoothies Gateway to the Rocky Mountains, the ‘republic’ of Boulder, Colorado, is also a bastion of liberal, exercise-crazy freaks Boulder and the scenic regions around it are ideal for extreme sports. Photograph: Soubrette/Getty The Republic […]

The Pickling Revolution takes Boulder

The pickling revolution takes Boulder By Camilla Sterne Photo by Camilla Sterne You wouldn’t think things stuffed in jars and steeped in salt, brine, spices or even their own fermented juices could be beautiful. But all lined up, pickles present a range of unique natural colors. There’s something enchanting about tidy jars all in row […]

Pasture Beef at Isabelle Farm Stand

Isabelle Farm Stand is open for the season! Located in Lafayette, Co on east Baseline Rd. (near Hwy 287 & Baseline Rd.), it offers an array of seasonal farm produce, handcrafted items, locally produced meats, cheeses, jams, pickled things, and more. The term “farm stand” understates the selection and atmosphere of Jason and Natalie Condon’s […]

John’s Fav Breakfast

Just the other day John and I were chowing down on blue corn tortilla chips using zuké citrus & ginger pickled things as the condiment. While we were snacking, he shared his favorite breakfast recipe with me. Ezekial Sprouted Whole Grain English Muffins, sliced avocado, teriyaki sauce, and Ozuké pickled things Just Juniper over the […]

Fermented Pico de Gallo

It’s April and by all signs, like the snow outside and the cold temperatures these past few days, NOT tomato season. My decision to post this blog might surprise some of you, but I received a request for a fermented salsa recipe. Honestly, besides zuké pickled things, there is no other condiment I crave more […]

Zuké Salad Dressing

From the kitchen of our favorite foodie about town, Michelle Auerbach: Feeling springy?  Feeling cleansy?  Feeling the need to eat all the greens that popped up at the Farmer’s Market this week?  Want to add your Zuké to a salade composée?  Here is the dressing and the salad for you. Carolyn’s THE DRESSING 3 inch […]

Leftover Rice? Quick and Easy Kimchi Fried Rice

Blog post by our blogoddess, Michelle Auerbach. This is perfect for when you have left-over rice and a jar of Ozuké Kimchi, the napa and garlic kind. It’s now really winter out there, and something hot and spicy and a little oily will warm you up right away. Plus, it is fast and can be […]