Experiments at Ozuke

We are experimenting again in the esoteric kitchen. As many of you know, these live foods can have a mind of their own. Mara and I joke that we are pickle wranglers out on the wild fermentation frontier. They bubble and go flat, they get mushy and change color and occasionally they do just exactly the right thing and taste fresh, lively, sour, a little salty and full of flavor. Bingo.

We would like to add some more to our herd, so here are our experiments for this week:

Fennel, wild green apple and juniper berries

Curry sauerkraut with mustard seed and coriander

and a roasted hatch green chile version which we think might be just the thing.

Keep your eyes out on the open range and yeeehaah.

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  1. Holly Bunny
    Holly Bunny says:

    I am aware that juniper berries might be potent for pregnant ladies. Maybe give Mz. Mars a call….

  2. Holly Bunny
    Holly Bunny says:

    I would eat each of this with zippy glee. Please do.
    I was wondering if you could make a one half size down from the 15oz. Or do you already? Then, make some two-packs, of course with two different kinds…

    • Mara
      Mara says:

      holly we only have the one size, although we definitely would consider different jars for farmers market next year

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