Beets, Dulse and Kale Recipes

Where to get the best Ramen and the not so secret Ozuké ingredient

As you know, ramen is all the rage. It has been for a while now. Ask anyone where to get the best ramen and they will likely have a very passionate response. In fact, finding the best ramen has almost become an urban sport, the winner gaining social status, emphatic pride, and maybe even a […]

Boulder County Home & Garden

BOULDER COUNTY HOME & GARDEN Fermented Foods Find a Following Fermented foods are making a tasty new splash as “good-for-you-foods”–although our grandparents knew it all along. By Mary Lynn Bruny RECIPES FOR FERMENTING Red Rice Make this recipe once, and I promise you, your family will ask for more. My daughter, Kailee, would never let […]

Chalie’s Purple Hummus

What kid doesn’t want to eat purple food? All kids do, according to our kid savvy Chalie. She has developed a purple hummus recipe for lots of children we know. But how does hummus get purple? Well, with ozuké the best pickled things Beets, Dulse & Kale of course.  According to her, it’s the perfect […]