The Market

This weekend we had our second day at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. It is such a vibrant, buzzing Saturday gathering that our first day had us both spinning a bit after the day was done. All of the beautiful vegetables, baked goodies, plants, flowers and people make one feel like they are in a technicolor film and everyone there is off to see the wizard of all things earthy, organic and edible. If I had more a few extra hands like Durga, I would bring my camera and do a Bill Cunningham style photo shoot of all the funky styles at the market- dogs, babies, college students, farmers, bakers and candlestick makers never looked so good. It does make one feel that the idea of buying local, organic food is really catching on and that the stampede of folks there is a hopeful nod to the future. For those of you that live close by, Mara and I look forward to seeing you there and for those of you far away we hope you enjoy your local markets and the colorful cacophony that awaits you there.

Photos by Cary Jobe: