Happy Chicken = Happy You

Late summer is the time of year when gardens give abundantly here in Colorado. This morning I made a colorful open faced sandwich sourced from my neighborhood (mostly).

My breakfast began with a fresh egg from my neighbors’ chickens. Kristin & John have a beautiful backyard hen house with happy chickens. These girls have the life–green grass, garden leftovers, and a palatial dwelling equals good livin’!henhouse-1Each week we receive our multicolored oval beauties, and feel fortunate to have fresh eggs so close by. Local eggs are worth their weight in gold. Do you have neighbors that keep chickens? If you do, better get in on that action!  Farm-fresh eggs are full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A (healthy skin), choline (especially important for pregnant women) and selenium (supports immune system health). For more information read what Diana Bauman writes on the blog Simple Bites.eggshenWhich came first, the chicken or the egg?

Adding the final touches to my fresh breakfast are tomatoes and Swiss chard from my front yard garden.  At long last my tomatoes have started to turn red, and with the rain this summer, my rainbow colored Swiss chard is still thriving. I picked some tomatoes and broke off a chard leaf — voilá my ingredients were ready.

1 Egg, prepared to taste
1 Piece of toast
1 Leaf of Swiss chard
1 Small sliced tomato from the garden if possible
1-3 TBSP of ozuké Just Juniper Kraut
Salt & pepper to tasteswiss chardtomatoesDirections:
Toast bread. Meanwhile prepare the egg as desired (I prefer fried). Layer the sandwich to your liking, salt and pepper to taste. Top off with ozuké the best pickled things just juniper kraut & enjoy! Because our just juniper kraut is simple and mild, all the flavors of the bread, tomato, egg, and chard can be appreciated in each bite.

Happy chicken = Happy you!
cropped metal chicken


John’s Fav Breakfast

Just the other day John and I were chowing down on blue corn tortilla chips using zuké citrus & ginger pickled things as the condiment. While we were snacking, he shared his favorite breakfast recipe with me. Ezekial Sprouted Whole Grain English Muffins, sliced avocado, teriyaki sauce, and Ozuké pickled things Just Juniper over the top of all that goodness.  The store I visited did not sell the sprouted whole grain english muffins, so I substituted with a slice of Ezekial Sprouted Grain & Seed Bread (ESGSB).


1 slice of ESGSB
1/2 Avocado
3 Tbsp of zuké pickled things
Just Juniper
Splash of Ohsawa Organic Nama Shoyu (another substitute)
Toast bread
slice avocado 1/2 and layer on bread
sprinkle with shoyu
top generously with zuké pickled things Just Juniper

Avocados are a great source of vitamins and minerals.
(serving size = 1/5 avocado)