20 questions with The Rawsome Vegan Gal

Mindy Goldis AKA The Rawsome Vegan Gal sat us down and got the nitty gritty on what life is really like at Ozuké, the best pickled things. Hop on over to her site to find out what really makes us tick. While your at it, watch her glowing youtube review of our products here:

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  1. Mindy Goldis
    Mindy Goldis says:

    It was not quite 20 questions, but I get your point, it was more like 7.
    My aka is actually, “The Rawsome Vegan Gal”
    Hope you enjoyed the reviews and I love the products and it is so easy for me to finish a jar “as a meal,” without even thinking about it because they are all sooooooo gooooooood! Also, because it is “real food!”
    G-d Bless!
    Mindy aka The Rawsome Vegan Gal 😉

    • Mara
      Mara says:

      Thank you for your hearty reviews Mindy! I will update the title of this piece to reflect your proper nom de plume. 🙂

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