Summer lunch- Raw Eating Recipes

I had lunch with my friend Jul today. Jul is a goddess of many talents but lately she has been eating mostly raw and let me tell you, she is making it look really good. She served this simple summer lunch today:

Lentil salad with red peppers, tomatoes, basil and olive oil.

Mixed sprouts: garbanzo, mung bean, radish

Raw dressing from cafe gratitude recipe

Dollop of kim chi on top

it was just want the doctor ordered. Try it, you won’t regret it.

Farmers Market: We Have Moved

Well, summer is officially here and I have the first of the season cherries to prove it.  We have been busy in the kitchen with both our steady flavors and the market specials that we have been doing for Saturdays. The list reads a bit like a series of unusual matchmaking: horseradish&sorrel, juniper&mustard, ruby kraut with calendula, sour cherry & rhubarb, scapes & chard, anchovy &pear… tune in next week to find out who meets who in the pickle dating scene.

We also wanted to let our local folks know that our Farmer’s Market stall has moved from our prime spot on the main drag to a sweet shady hollow on the Canyon side of the market. Please come see us in our new location!

A thunderstorm is brewing and I can just hear all the newly planted tomatoes and climbing beans singing for joy.

Happy Weekend y’all.