Gluten Free Recipes

Pickle this, Pickle that

This post brought to you by our beloved Peter Piper It’s pickle time! Cucumbers are growing like mad. I’ve been making cucumber salad, sandwiches, and cucumber water!I walk out into the garden one day and find a small prickly cute baby cuke, then the next day — WHAM! It’s a huge green giant! A pickler […]

FEED Fermentation Evening

FEED Fermentation Evening Lovely evening with the Catamounts at 63rd Street Farm. Very cool concept of five course meal punctuated by performances, all on a common theme. Mara was a guest chef for this event and she made some seriously steller fermented goods. Cider sun fermented mustard, juniper pickled mackerel, saffron kombucha with Cava aka […]

Green pozole topped with kim chi

I just returned from a great trip to New Mexico and as always I vowed to eat green chile on everything and wear more big hats and cowboys boots. So far, none of those have been happening- but I was inspired to make some posole for dinner and top it with our zuké kim chi. […]