Fermentation Recipes

Sourdough 101

As a food lover and fermentation fan girl, I have tried my hand at lots of different funky experiments from nukazuke to mango chutney- all with varying outcomes, both good and not so good. Sourdough, however, was one that somehow seemed too involved or inaccessible and got set aside as my business started to grow. […]

A visit with Sandor

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of hanging with our friend and fermentation hero, Sandor Katz. We had some lovely meals together and met lots of great folks who are interested in the lore, health benefits, gustatory profile and funk of fermentation. The culminating event was a farm gathering with classes, talk, book […]

Ozukés Umeboshi gets some hometown love from Boulders Daily Camera

The Daily Camera just posted this great write up on our newest and trending product. We hope you get to try this delicacy before it’s gone. Extra thanks to Cindy Sutter and The Daily Camera. Read all about it here