Mara and Willow King are probiotic pickleteers. They started making live, raw krauts and kim-chis in their home kitchen to enjoy with their families and friends.
The results were so outrageously delicious that they instigated a magic carpet ride from home kitchen to dedicated factory, 5 full time employees and a pet forklift named King Tub.
Maybe it’s the probiotics themselves: those invisible forces that are working around the clock to bring us good health and vibrant awareness, maybe it’s the organic farmers and all the love they put into growing their produce, maybe it’s the fact that we live in a time that requires us to think more about what we are putting into our bodies and what we are giving back to the earth. Whatever it is, they love it and want to keep riding the wave of pickled goodness that has brought them this far.


Photo by Rebecca Stumpf