A drink for Safia… and everyone

This drink is in honor of my cocktail hour-loving BFF and her birthday this week.  She is a vodka Martini girl and did turn my gin Martini rule into more of a preference.  Then I tasted the pickled ume plums from Zuké and knew that they were perfect cocktail garnish.  They would also be great in a salad dressing, but that can wait till after cocktail hour.

Safia Sake-tini

1.5 oz of good local Vodka **
1.5 oz of Sake
2 ume plums pickled by Zuké

If you are a stirrer go ahead and ignore the directions.

1)   Measure the Sake and Vodka into a cocktail shaker.  Add the ice.  Large cubes work better as chipped ice makes a slushee.  Shake them up until the spirits get really cold.

2)   Pour into a Martini glass.  Add the ume plums as garnish.  It may take more than two – they are so good I ate a jar of them while developing the recipe.

** For Vodka, I would choose something local and more mellow like Syntax Vodka from Greeley.  Their nice vibe perfectly compliments the Zuké lusciousness.

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  1. Heather Bean
    Heather Bean says:

    I’m the owner of Syntax Spirits, and couldn’t be more thrilled by this new drink recipe! We’ll be trying it this week in the tasting room! If you’re looking for our vodka, we’re at liquor stores, bars, and restaurants throughout northern Colorado, and are working with our distributors to move into Denver area for the holidays. Or you can swing by our tasting room for a cocktail, bottle, or free tour! We’re at 625 3rd Street, Unit C in northeast Greeley just off of Hwy 85. Our new white rum and white whisky will also be available for the holidays, along with many of our infused flavors.


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