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    Good Food Mercantile

    The next Good Food Mercantile will be on June 27 in NYC from 12-5pm.

    Crafters interested in showing please email samantha@seedlingprojects.org, retailers interested in attending can sign up here

    Seedling Projects and the Good Food Retailers Collaborative are proud to present the Good Food Mercantile, the un-trade show for tasty, authentic, responsible food. This one-day, intimate gathering of like-minded food crafters and retailers offers the same sized booths to everyone, a start time conducive to arriving well rested, and booth fees at a fraction of the price of other trade shows. This is the Good Food Movement’s answer to building commerce and community.

    While traditional trade shows convene tens of thousands of buyers, many are not prepared to work with businesses whose core aspirations don’t include unbridled growth, and smaller companies can find themselves lost amongst a sea of thousands of booths. The Good Food Mercantile is a different kind of gathering. Open exclusively to past Good Food Award winners and finalists and members of the Good Food Guild, it is an opportunity for thoughtful, responsible American food crafters to connect with the growing community of retailers that value quality, care and craftsmanship.

    If you are interested in learning more, attending, or showing at the Good Food Mercantile, email samantha@seedlingprojects.org.

    SHOWING The Good Food Mercantile is limited to 95 food producers who have placed in the Good Food Awards or passed the sustainability vetting process to become a Good Food Guild Member. Together, this community is 700 businesses strong and hails from 47 states. In selecting attendees, focus will be placed on ensuring a diverse set of food and drink is represented, with the goal of two-thirds regional and one-third national producers at the gathering,

    *Winners and finalists who are not yet members of the Good Food Guild will be asked to join in order to show.

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    10:00 pmMcCauley Family Farm

    Fermentation Magic with Ozuke' & McCauley Family Farm


    Ozuke KrautCome join Mara King of the Esoteric Food Company and Marcus McCauley of McCauley Family Farm for an afternoon of Fermentation Magic!

    We will go over the basics of fermentation, answering questions as we go. We will make a seasonal kraut, and we will also demonstrate and go over the nuances of traditional Korean style hand massaged kimchi.  Bring 2 x quart sized ball jars so you can bring your kraut / kimchi babies home with you.

    Originally from Hong Kong, Mara King was born in to family with a generous and joyful approach to food.  Her Grandfather’s Noodle factory, founded in 1941 is still operating today.  She worked as a professional chef for 20 years in the challenging and detailed worlds of Sushi and Italian Fine Dining.  She brings an insatiable curiosity to the table and is committed to sharing her excitement for food with as many people as she can. Her latest venture, Ozuké, a cultured foods company, marries her love of science, experimentation, flavor and the power of the invisible.Fermentation Magic Class

    No experience necessary.  Please bring 2 quart sized jars and all other materials and supplies will be provided.  Minimum of 4 participants, maximum of 15.  Pre-registration is required.

    Saturday, July 11th, 10am-12pm

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    9-5Rancho La Patera & Stow House
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  • 3pm to 9pmLone Hawk Farms 10790 North 49th Street Longmont, CO 80503-9012

    Join us for an evening of learning, sharing, eating, drinking and dancing.

    Tickets include drink ticket and food truck ticket.  $55.

    Fermentation classes and workshops will be offered from 3-5.  Come early and meet some dedicated fermentors and food lovers from your local community and beyond.  Tickets for classes are $15.  More detail for classes below.

    Sandor will speak from 6-7:30 about his journey and experience with the fascinating world of fermentation.

    7:30- 9:00 pm: Sample great local fermented treats, shop from specialized vendors, enjoy food trucks, drinks and live music.
    5:00 pm: Check in for Food Science Fair: submit your own home ferments to be judged by a distinguished panel of picklers and brewers.  Win great prizes.
    8:00 pm: Awards Ceremony!  More details for entries below.


    Brigitte Mars, Herbalist, Raw Food Chef and Author, Boulder, CO 3-4pm
    Wildcraft your neighborhood.  Walk Lone Hawk Farm with Boulder's beloved herb maven and learn what to do with what is growing in your backyard.

    Elias Davis, Herbalist, Wizard in training, Boulder Bonvivant 3-4pm
    How to make Vegan Cheese. Cultured nut cheeses - techniques and demonstration

    Benoit De Korsak, Founder St. Benoit Creamery, Petaluma, CA 3-4pm
    How to make French style yogurt at home.

    Sandor Katz, Fermentation Revivalist, Foundation for Fermentation Fervor, Liberty, TN 3-4pm
    "Ask Sandor", your agony aunt for the fermentation process.  A 1hr question and answer workshop with Sandor Katz.

    Nick Van Horn, Chemical Engineer, Food Scientist, Boulder, CO 4-5pm
    Pepper Lactofermentation: This spicy workshop will cover the techniques, supplies, and considerations for making fermented pepper sauce and demonstrate a home scale process; samples included.

    Dan Phelps, Homebrewer, Chef, Boulder, CO 4-5pm
    Discussion on the fermentation of beer with wild yeast and bacteria, and their resulting effect on flavor and aroma.

    Ben Mustin, Founder, MM Local, Denver, CO 4-5pm
    Learn basic countertop sauerkraut fermentation, pro-tips for home success.

    Food Science Fair Guidelines
    Win a blue ribbon! Bring one 16oz container of your handiwork. If you would like to also submit a posterboard presentation of your techniques and pickling adventures it will be taken in to consideration in judging and put on display during the fete, but is not compulsary for entry. There is no fee for entry. Entries must be received between 5 and 5:30pm for consideration.