Ancient Family Recipe with pickled things

Erika’s ‘ancient family recipe’ wowed my palate at a potluck dinner recently. It was a tender brisket served over gluten free pasta. Although she brought other delicious food, it was the brisket that left a lasting memory. Several of us topped the dish off with some citrus & ginger pickled things. It was divine, and so delicious that I was caught scraping the pan clean with my fingers at the end of the night. I had to have that recipe!

As soon as I got my hands on her ancient family recipe, I thawed my Lasater Grasslands brisket and prepared a feast of my own. Because this beef dish is slow cooked, you should plan ahead.  However, the simplicity of the recipe is a time saving way to prepare a hearty meal for your family or a gathering. In fact, the original recipe recommends preparing it ahead of time, refrigerating, and reheating before serving. Yipee!

Brisket with Citrus & Ginger

Heat over to 350°. Brown brisket on all sides (I actually cheated, and did not do this part) Place meat in a large baking dish, arrange onions on top. Combine chile sauce & water, pour around meat. Bake, covered, allowing about 45 min. per pound. Baste meat occasionally (I didn’t do this part either-call me lazy). About 45 min. before meat is done, add beer, continue to cook until done.
Serve with noodles and top with citrus & ginger pickled things

The recipe calls for chile sauce, and one of the best chile sauces I know is available at The Bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon in Springdale, Utah – just outside Zion National Park (available by mail order too). Their chile sauce is a sweet & smoky chipotle pepper ketchup they call ‘Red Chile Ketchup’. The rich tomato taste and zesty undertones make it a great marinade, as well as a satisfying dipping sauce. Visit the Lasater Grasslands Beef website for their monthly sales, and get yourself a case of Red Chile Ketchup so that you too can enjoy Erika’s ancient family recipe!

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  1. Duane
    Duane says:

    That sounds delicious and as far as I can tell Erika must be a heck of a girl – can I get her number?

  2. Erika
    Erika says:

    Hey Mignon, that was supposed to be a secret family recipe… just kidding! I’m glad to share it with the world, it really is a favorite. I would just add to your recipe the thought that the overnight refrigeration adds flavor and tenderness, and you get the added bonus of scrapping off the excess fat. Plus, the meat is pretty easy to slice when it’s cold. So, I recommend adding in that step if possible. Enjoy!

  3. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I made this the other day. It was delicious, but the meat was a bit tough. How did you make yours tender?

    • Mignon
      Mignon says:

      For a tender brisket, be sure to cook the meat at least 1 hour per pound. Another important point to remember, is to cut the brisket across the grain. In other words, in a perpendicular direction. Lastly, remember to let the brisket rest. A cooler brisket is easier to slice.

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