Almost Summer- Update from our Pickled World

Today was actually hot. I mean sweaty for real hot. So wonderful to see it all come around again. It makes eating different too. More fruit, more water, less heavy dishes, more picnics. Mara and I went to see Michael Pollan speak last week and he had some really great things to say. I am reading his new book “Cooked” and in it he spends a lot of time writing about fermentation.

” There is no “right” way to ferment anything. No hard fast rules. And, given how little we understand about the microbial world, where one bacteria can trade genes and their exact identities are often up for grabs, it would be hubris to pretend to certainty”

It is all uncertain, it is all very miraculous and we are so very lucky to get to play in the field of these possibilities.

We also just participated a few weeks ago in a very inspiring conference here in Boulder- a Slow Money conference- basically investment inspired by the tenents of Slow Food. Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, was there. Such a wonderful man! Here is a link to a video of all the entrepreneurs that pitched, in case you want to check it out:

Happy Almost Summer pickle people- it’s going to be a great one.




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    Dear Willow, so glad for you and Mara and this wonderful company you have created!!! If you haven’t already done so, please read “What is Life”, by Lynn Margulis and Dorian Sagan. It’s the amazing story of the HUGE role bacteria play in our evolution and very existence. It will round out your appreciation of them like nothing else.

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